Encapsulating Object Creation Polymorphism enables code to be more abstract. When your code references an interface instead of a class, it loses its coupling to that class and becomes more flexible in the face of future modifications. This use of abstraction was central to many of the techniques of the…

Encryption powers the modern internet. Without the ability to exchange data packets privately and securely, e-commerce would not exist, and users wouldn’t be able to safely authenticate themselves to internet sites. The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is the most widely used form of encryption on the web. Web servers and…

GitLab is a code hosting and issue tracking web platform based around the Git version control system. First released in 2011, it has continued to grow and evolve over the years, adding new features and capabilities, and has turned into a one-stop tool for an agile workforce. While it is…

The relationship between cyber security and the economy has only been growing stronger, with cyber attacks on the rise. Cyber attacks have brought a new recognition of the importance of cyber security efforts. Attacks have now become widespread, common, and expected in some firms. New attacks are emerging within weeks…

Services :

when there are operations that need to be represented, but Entities and Value Objects aren’t the best place, you should consider modeling these operations as Services. In Domain-Driven Design, there are typically three different types of Services you’ll encounter:

Application Services: Operate on scalar types, transforming them into…

When a website successfully authenticates a user, the browser and the server open a session. A session is an HTTP conversation in which the browser sends a series of HTTP requests corresponding to user actions, and the web server recognizes them as coming from the same authenticated user without requiring…


Literature Survey

u A. Basic terminology

Network monitoring tool

Network monitoring tool is the networking tool that is used to examine usage of local area network and provide a statistical data of uploads and downloads in a network. Monitoring tool is usually used to monitor I/P traffic…

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

ODBC is a standard or open application programming interface (API) for accessing to database management systems (DBMS). This API is independent of any one programming language, database system or operating system. ODBC is based on the Call Level Interface (CLI) specifications from SQL, X/Open (now part of The Open Group), and the ISO/IEC. ODBC was created by the SQL Access Group and first released in September, 1992.

By using ODBC statements in a C++ program, you can access files in a number of different databases, such as, MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 and My SQL. In addition to the ODBC software, a separate module or driver is needed for each database to be accessed.

For More on C++ connectivity with Database, visit https://www.itguidekolkata.in/2021/04/CPPwith%20Database.html

1. Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?

A. macros B. template C. mail merge D. none

2. Which key deletes the character to the left of the cursor?

A. End B. Backspace C. Home D. Delete

3. Which key deletes the character to the right of the cursor?

A. End B. Backspace C. Home D. Delete

4. Which would you choose to save a document with a new name?

A. Press Ctrl+S B. Click File, Save C. Click Tools, Options, Save

D. Click File, Save As

5. Which would you choose to move selected text from one place to another?

A. Move and Paste B. Copy and Paste C. Cut and Paste D. Delete and Paste

6. How do you magnify your document?

A. View, Zoom B. Format, Font C. Tools, Options D. Tools, Customize

For More mcq, visit https://www.itguidekolkata.in/2021/04/ms-word-mcq.html

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